How Do You Cut an Afro?

cut-afro Credit: Karen Brodie/Moment/Getty Images

The Afro hairstyle must be cut differently from other hairstyles due to its unique curl. In order to cut an Afro, first make sure the hair is dry. You need four hair ties, a wide-toothed comb and a pair of trimming scissors. For a closer cut, you need a pair of clippers.

  1. Separate hair into four sections

    Part the hair into four sections, with a vertical part down the center of the scalp and a horizontal part across the center of the scalp. Tie each section of hair close and tight to the scalp with a hair tie. You should end up with four evenly sized pony tails.

  2. Brush out the hair

    Gently run the wide-toothed comb through the hair sticking out of the pony tails and comb out any knots or tangles.

  3. Trim the hair equally using scissors or clippers

    Trim the longer ends of the Afro that are uneven or stick out. If you are using clippers, you can remove the hair ties after brushing out the hair and trim starting from the base of the neck. Depending on what you style you are going for, you can shape an Afro in different ways by cutting different lengths of hair off the sides or going for a shorter length. Remember to take your time in order to cut the Afro as evenly as possible.