How Do You Customize a Tattoo Sleeve?


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A full-sleeve tattoo can be customized to feature images that are important to the wearer of the tattoo. A variety of tattoo ink colors can also be used to customize the tattoo.

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A customized tattoo sleeve can feature flowers and intricate designs of trees and other plants. Flowers have a variety of meanings that may be significant to the wearer of the tattoo. For instance, Teleflora explains that daffodils are a sign of new life or new beginnings, and orchids are a symbol of strength and beauty. Roses are often a preferred choice for a sleeve tattoo and symbolize romance and beauty.

Detailed pictures of angels and angel wings can also be included in a tattoo sleeve. Angels are often a popular choice because the images are a sign of divine protection and guidance, according to AllCoolTattoos. Intricate tattoos, such as an image of Jesus Christ or a tattoo of Buddha, may be ideal for tattoo wearers who want to express their religious beliefs because the arm provides a lot of surface space. Sleeve tattoos can be black or gray so that the focus remains on the details of the design, or they can include vivid colors to make the large tattoo even more visually appealing.

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