How Do You Customize Nike Roshe Run Shoes?

How Do You Customize Nike Roshe Run Shoes?

To customize Nike Roshe running shoes, select one of the Roshe shoes that allow customization on the Nike website. Proceed through the design process, and select the options you want. Shoes are custom-made and delivered within six weeks, as of May 2015.

Visit the Nike home page, and perform a search for "Roshe." Select one of the NikeiD shoes, such as the Nike Roshe One Flyknit iD, from the search results. On the product page, click on Start Customizing.

Choose an upper style, then select a color or pattern. Choose a heel-loop color. Pick either an embroidered or metallic swoosh logo, then pick a color for it. Select solid or multicolored laces, then choose your color or pattern.

Choose colors for the lining and tongue loop. Select a type of outsole, then choose its color or pattern. Add up to six characters on the left and right heels, or leave them blank. Complete the shoe by selecting a gender and size, then click Add to Cart. Proceed through the checkout to complete the purchase.

After customizing a shoe through the Nike store, you can take a picture of it or share it. Nike also offers featured designs that you can select and modify.