How Do You Customize Nike Jordans?

How Do You Customize Nike Jordans?

Nike Jordans can be customized on the Nike website through the "Jordan" link under the "Men" tab. Users can browse through all of the Jordan shoes and sneakers selections on the website, and many of the shoes have a "Customize It" application that allows for personalized changes to the shoes.

Nike Air Jordans are some of the most popular selling shoes by Nike. Use the following steps to customize a pair of Nike Jordan shoes or sneakers.

  1. Go to the Nike website
  2. Open up a Web browser and go to Nike's official website.

  3. Navigate to the "Jordan" page
  4. Hover the curser over the "Men" tab on the menu going across the top of the page. After hovering over the tab a new menu will appear, click on the link labeled "Jordan." From here, click on the "Shop Now" link.

  5. Pick a product and click on "Begin Customizing" to make changes
  6. From here, start searching through all of the available Air Jordan shoes. Many of these shoes have a link labeled "Begin Customizing" under a "Customize this Shoe" heading. Click this link to customize the color and look of every part of the shoe. Click on the arrows on the bottom and shoe icons on the left to view the shoe from different angles.