How Are the Customer Reviews for Cosmo Prof Beauty Supply?

Reviews of Cosmo Prof Beauty Supply vary widely depending on the store location and the needs of the customer providing the review. Since Cosmo Prof is a chain company with many locations, it may be worthwhile to focus on reviews of the nearest store outlet.

Cosmo Prof is a supply store that caters exclusively to professional cosmetologists and beauticians, as well as students in those areas. The store has many locations across the United States, as well as in Puerto Rico and Canada. Reviews of the store generally pertain to a single store location, and only a handful of employees.

Reviews for Cosmo Prof tend to indicate that the store has a good selection of equipment and that the company's prices are generally reasonable, though there are also some negative reviews from customers who could not find the product they needed. Some reviews complain that the customer service at Cosmo Prof stores is poor, though these reviews often cite the employees' apparent lack of beauty expertise. It may be worth noting that the employees are most likely hired based on retail and sales experience; therefore, they do not necessarily have expert knowledge of hairstyling or beauty techniques. Many reviews of Cosmo Prof locations state that the stores are clean and the staff is friendly.