How Do You Find the Current Price of Copper?


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To find current prices of copper, visit NASDAQ.com, InfoMine.com or TradeService.com, and perform a keyword search. Each website provides copper price charts and other information pertaining to the Commodity Exchange, generally referred to as the COMEX.

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NASDAQ provides the latest price and related charts for high-grade copper. Since the price of copper changes frequently, sometimes daily, NASDAQ, InfoMine.com and Trade Service often update price charts. At NASDAQ.com, price charts indicate the cost of silver via highlighted figures located on the right side of the chart and in the upper left corner of the chart.

InfoMine.com typically publishes price charts that reflect the changing costs of silver over one-week periods. Beneath the chart, a dropdown menu allows website visitors to adjust the form of currency. The cost of silver appears in the selected form of currency, above the price chart. Figures located to the left of the chart denote prices of silver per pound.

Trade Service publishes a daily price chart for silver at TradeService.com. The chart is a simple spreadsheet with headings and columns: Date, Spot Per Pound, Spot Net Change, LME Copper Cathode and Future COMEX Price. The Spot Per Pound column indicates the most recent price of silver, and the Spot Net Change column indicates the amount of increase or decrease in price.

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