What Are Some Current Medium-to-Short Layered Hair Styles?

What Are Some Current Medium-to-Short Layered Hair Styles?

Adding short layers to a medium-length cut or medium layers to a short cut are two current hairstyles, as of 2015. Layered bobs and pixie cuts are also current layered hairstyles.

One medium-length layered hairstyle is for curly hair. The style features long bangs swept onto the sides. The layers are left longer at the crown, but cut choppy through the middle. To style this look, stylists use mousse to make the curls crisp and dry with a diffuser attachment.

Short layers can also create a choppy look in bob styles. For instance, one style starts with a chin-length bob. The hairstylist adds layers all through the bob either with a razor or with shears. This look can even be asymmetrical or combined with painted-on highlights. To create this look, stylist use a flat iron to smooth out the strands and separate the layers.

The pixie is a classic short style with short layers. There are several variations on the pixie, such as leaving the bangs longer, adding tousled waves or pulling the top up into spikes. The key to the pixie style is creating layers that are not uniform all over.

Another option is adding medium layers to a short haircut. For example, the hairstylist starts with a short A-line bob or wedge. Typically these styles don't feature any layering. However, adding medium layers creates more movement in the hair.