How Do You Get Curly Hair?

How Do You Get Curly Hair?

There are several ways to get curly hair, and one of the easiest involves using hot rollers. Comb the hair, wrap it around hot rollers, clip the rollers in place, and take them out when they cool. This 45-minute process requires a mirror, a comb, heat protection spray, hairspray and hot rollers.

  1. Heat the rollers

    Plug in the roller caddy, and flip on the power switch to preheat the rollers. If the caddy has a lid, keep it shut while the rollers are heating. Set the roller clips next to the caddy.

  2. Prepare the hair

    Comb the hair, and mist it with heat protection spray.

  3. Set the hair in hot rollers

    Separate a 1-inch section of hair along the hairline, place a hot roller at the end of the section, and roll it up to the scalp. Clip the roller in place. Repeat this process until all of the hair is set in rollers. Leave the rollers in the hair until they cool, which usually takes about 20 minutes.

  4. Remove the rollers

    Remove the rollers, starting at the nape of the neck. After removing the last roller, flip the head upside down, and shake the curls gently. Return to an upright position, and mist the curls with hairspray.