How Do You Curl Thick Hair?

How Do You Curl Thick Hair?

With thick hair, it's important to use product and change the state of the hair, so start by applying product to freshly washed hair and blow drying the hair into waves, which are clipped in place. Curl the pre-formed waves, and use hairspray to hold the curl.

  1. Apply product

    Starting with hair that's freshly washed and lightly conditioned, add a holding product such as gel to the roots. Work this through the hair. Spray the hair shaft with a thermal protector.

  2. Start blow drying

    Use the high-air, low-heat setting on your blow dryer to dry the hair 85 percent dry. Use your fingers or a vent brush to separate the strands while drying. Start drying from the scalp out.

  3. Use a round brush to finish drying

    Use a medium-width round brush to finish drying the hair. Separate the hair into four equal sections by making cross-wise parts and clipping the hair out of the way. Use the high-heat, low-air settings on the blow dryer. Roll the round brush in the hair, and aim the dryer nozzle down the shaft. Clip each curl into place. Repeat for all four sections.

  4. Curl the hair

    Starting at the nape, unclip a curl. Wrap it around a curling iron, hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat this for the first row of curls. Set with a light hold hairspray before moving to the next row up. Continue curling until all the hair is done.