How Do You Curl Shoulder Length Hair?

How Do You Curl Shoulder Length Hair?

To curl medium-length hair, apply appropriate products after washing, create waves in the hair while drying, and section the hair. Roll the iron while curling to protect the hair, and alternate curls until all sections are finished.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash and condition the hair as usual, and blot the hair dry. Apply a medium-hold product, such as hair mousse, to the roots, and spray heat protector over the rest of the hair.

  2. Blow-dry the hair

    Using a low-heat, high-air setting, blow dry the hair until it is 85 percent dry. Switch to a high-heat, low-air setting. Roll a medium-sized round brush in individual strands while drying to create waves in the hair.

  3. Divide the hair into sections

    Depending on how thick your hair is, divide it into three or four equal sections. Leave the bottom section hanging down.

  4. Start curling the hair

    Heat up a curling iron with the desired diameter, with smaller irons making tighter curls. Separate out a 1-inch segment of hair. Clamp the iron in the center of the strand. Roll the curling iron along the strand until the end is encompassed and the iron is near the root. This keeps the delicate ends from getting the most heat.

  5. Curl the sections

    Release the hair strand after a couple of seconds. Divide out another 1-inch section. This time, roll the curl in the opposite direction. Keep alternating the curls until all of the sections are finished.

  6. Loosen the curls

    Once all the hair is curled, invert your head so the hair is hanging down. Use your fingers to gently tousle the curls.