How Do You Curl Short Hair With a Wand?

To curl short hair, use a wand with a thin barrel that is shorter than the hair. A shorter barrel gives greater control and flexibility, while a thin barrel allows hair to be tightly curled. Heat the wand, and wear a heat glove to prevent hand burns. Next, brush your hair, and split it into sections. Curl one section at a time until all sections are done.

To curl a pixie-style cut, use a wand 13 to 19 millimeters in diameter. For a chin-length bob, use a 25- millimeter wand. Apply a heat-protective product and comb through, then completely dry the hair. Separate the hair into three-inch sections for voluminous curls, and use one-inch sections for tight, sharp curls.

Next, take one section of hair and hold it at the end of the strand. With the wand facing downwards, wind the strand of hair around the wand, starting at the foot of the wand. Keep the hair wrapped around the wand for two to five seconds. Let go of the hair, pull the wand away, and repeat until all sections are done. Try to keep the strands of short hair flat while curling, as twisting them will create tighter, shorter curls.