How Do You Curl Naturally Curly Hair?

How Do You Curl Naturally Curly Hair?

To curl naturally curly hair, apply a styling product to wet hair, and place the hair in a diffuser until it dries. You need a diffuser attachment, a hair dryer, and salon-quality hair products designed for naturally curly hair.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Begin with wet hair. Apply a salon-quality mousse, gel, or cream designed to enhance curls. Apply your product liberally but quickly, as skin is naturally porous and strips moisture from the hair.

  2. Dry the hair

    Attach the diffuser to your hair dryer, and turn it to medium heat and high speed. Section the hair, and place it in the teeth of the diffuser, inserting only as much hair as you can easily fit into the diffuser. For added volume, turn your head upside-down as you dry your hair. Gently move the dryer in vertical motions until your hair is almost dry.

  3. Separate the curls

    Gently insert your fingers into the hair at the scalp, and vibrate your hands until the curls have loosened. Finish with a low-hold hair spray.