How Do You Curl Medium-Length Hair?

To curl medium-length hair, wash the hair, apply product and dry it using a round brush. Then, divide the hair, spray a thermal protector, curl small strands and shake the curls loose.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash your hair as usual, but apply only a light conditioner to the ends. Rinse the conditioner out, and towel dry the hair.

  2. Apply product

    Put a small amount of product, such as curling mousse, in your hands, and rub them together. Work the product through your hair, starting from the roots to the ends.

  3. Blow the hair dry

    Divide hair into two sections, and clip them. Using a medium-size round brush, blow the hair dry. Roll the brush through the hair to create waves. Keep the crown smooth. Repeat with both sections of hair.

  4. Section the hair

    Divide the hair into two sections again, clipping the top section out of the way. Spray a thermal protection spray over the bottom section of hair.

  5. Curl the bottom section of hair

    Using a medium-barrel curling iron, take a small section of hair. Wrap the hair around the barrel, holding it in place for a few seconds. For an unfinished look, leave the ends out from the clamp.

  6. Curl the top section of hair

    Unclip the top section, and spray the thermal protector over the hair. Curl small strands of hair as before. However, do not create tight curls near the crown. Leave it smooth.

  7. Loosen the curls

    Spray a styling spray into the hair. Turn your head upside down, and shake the curls loose.