How Do You Curl Your Hair Like Vanessa Hudgens?

How Do You Curl Your Hair Like Vanessa Hudgens?

How Do You Curl Your Hair Like Vanessa Hudgens?

To get loose curls like Vanessa Hudgens, prepare the hair, curl 1-inch sections, loosen the curls and finish with two types of spray. Curling your hair takes roughly 30 minutes and requires a root volumizer, heat therapy serum, shine serum, shine spray, light-hold hair spray, a comb, hair clips and a wide-barrel curling iron.

  1. Prepare your hair

    Spray damp hair with a root volumizer, and blow dry. Spray heat therapy serum all over your hair to protect it from the curling iron. Divide hair into three horizontal sections, clipping the top two.

  2. Curl sections of hair

    Section off a 1-inch segment of hair. Clamp the curling iron around the center of the strand. As you wind it around, release the clamp slightly so that the iron works its way down the strand. This protects the ends from damage. Alternate the direction of the curls.

  3. Spray the hair

    After completing one section of curls, lightly mist the hairspray over the section. Drop the next section of hair, and continue curling. Repeat the above procedure for the final two sections of hair.

  4. Curl the front

    Curl the entire front section of hair away from your face.

  5. Loosen the curls

    Apply the shine serum to your fingertips. Flip your head upside down. Finger comb your hair, and scrunch the ends, distributing the shine serum.

  6. Finish your hair

    Finish your hair with a final mist of hairspray and of spray shine. Do not comb or brush the curls.