How Do You Curl Hair With a Headband?

How Do You Curl Hair With a Headband?

Curling hair with a headband is a simple matter of wrapping damp hair around an elastic headband that has been pulled over the forehead and then allowing the style to dry overnight. The headband is removed in the morning, and the curls are set with hairspray or left natural.

  1. Put on the headband

    Wash and towel dry your hair, and then pull an elastic headband over your head so that it sits low in the back and about midway down the forehead. This keeps the curls in place while you sleep.

  2. Wrap sections of hair around the headband

    Starting in the front, wrap sections of hair around the band by looping the section over and under the band towards the back of your head until the entire length of the hair has been wrapped. The width of the sections of hair determine the size of the curls, so use bigger sections for bigger, softer curls and smaller sections for tighter curls.

  3. Sleep with the headband in place

    Go to sleep with the headband in place to allow the curls to dry overnight. You can wear a shower cap over the headband or secure the band in place with bobby pins if the band feels as though it may come off during the night.

  4. Remove the band

    In the morning, gently unwind the curls from the band, and take the headband off. Shake out the curls, but be careful not to pull on them. If you have hair that is naturally very fine or straight, you can spray your hair with hairspray to help hold the curls.