How Do I Curl Hair With Foam Rollers?

How Do I Curl Hair With Foam Rollers?

To curl hair with foam rollers, mist your dry hair with water, wrap each section around a foam roller, blow-dry your hair for 20 minutes, and remove the rollers. The supplies required for this 35-minute procedure are a hairbrush, a clean spray bottle, water, heat protection spray, foam rollers, roller clips, a hair dryer and hairspray.

  1. Prepare your hair and supplies

    Fill the spray bottle with lukewarm water, and set the nozzle to "spray." Brush your hair, mist it with water, and finish with a heat protection spray.

  2. Wrap your hair around the rollers

    Divide your hair into small sections, and wrap each around a foam roller. Place the rollers on top of your hair, roll them up to your scalp, and secure them with clips. If your hair dries out while you are inserting the rollers, mist it with more water.

  3. Dry your hair

    Dry your hair for 20 minutes on your blow dryer's lowest setting. Do not use a diffuser.

  4. Unroll your hair

    Unroll your hair. Start at the nape of your neck, and work up.

  5. Fluff and style your hair

    Hang your head upside down, fluff your hair at the roots, and mist it with hairspray. Stand upright, and apply more hairspray.