How Do You Curl Hair With a Flat Iron?

How Do You Curl Hair With a Flat Iron?

To curl hair with a flat iron, hold the iron horizontally, clamp it near the roots of a 2-inch section of hair, and slowly pull it to the end while rotating the iron away from the head. This 30-minute procedure requires a mirror, a styling comb, a flat iron and strong hairspray.

  1. Preheat the flat iron

    Set the flat iron on a heat-safe surface, plug it in, and turn it on. Preheat it for five minutes.

  2. Comb the hair

    Comb the hair, and remove all pins and accessories. Separate a 2-inch section of hair from the hairline, and comb that section again.

  3. Make the first curl

    Open the flat iron, and clamp it around the section about 1 inch from the roots. Slowly slide the iron down the length of the hair while rolling the barrel away from the head. For a tighter curl, iron the section a second time.

  4. Curl the rest of the hair

    Section, comb and iron the rest of the hair. Turn off the flat iron, and unplug it.

  5. Fluff and set the curls

    Fluff the curls with your fingers, and lift the hair at the roots. Hold a can of strong hairspray 12 inches from the head, and lightly mist the curls.