How Do You Curl Dreadlocks?

How Do You Curl Dreadlocks?

To curl dreadlocks, you need a spray bottle with some water, a few curlers and some tightening gel. Dampen your hair, then apply the tightening gel to the damp dreads. Wrap the dreadlocks tightly around the curlers all the way up to the root. Allow the dreads to dry completely before removing the curlers.

  1. Dampen your dreadlocks

    Spray your hair with water using a spray bottle. It is important to start with damp hair before curling, but it is also important to make sure that the hair is merely damp and not wet. If the dreads are too wet, allow them to dry a bit before curling.

  2. Apply some tightening gel to the dreads

    Spread a small amount of tightening gel evenly throughout your hair. The tightening gel serves to help the curls hold and keep the dreadlocks tight.

  3. Curl the locks

    Wrap your locks around the curlers from tip to root. Use one curler for either one or multiple dreadlocks, depending on the thickness of your dreads and the length of your curlers. Tie each curler in place, securing it tightly. Repeat the curling process until all the dreads are wrapped around a curler.

  4. Dry your hair

    Allow your hair to dry completely, either by air-drying or with the use of a blow dryer.

  5. Unwrap the curls from the curlers

    Untie the curlers, and let the curled dreadlocks fall naturally.