How Do You Cure White Spots From Tanning?


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Using mild anti-dandruff shampoos is an effective way to treat white spots from tanning caused due to fungal infection, claims WebMD.com. Apply the anti-dandruff shampoo on the affected areas at least once or twice in a day for one to two weeks or longer. The anti-dandruff shampoo, with its ability to fight the fungus, clears the infection and slowly heals the white spots.

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Applying anti-fungal creams containing selenium sulfide is another method to treat the underlying fungal infection, suggests WebMD.com. Application of such creams on the affected areas for at least a week clears infection from the skin. Try to keep the skin moisture free and use anti-fungal powder liberally to fight any further infection. Hydrogen peroxide, although effective in treating the white spots, is not recommended as it could potentially burn the skins surface.

When you notice gradually subsiding symptoms, reduce the treatment frequency to two to three times a week. Contrarily, if there's no improvement after two weeks of these topical treatments, immediately consult a doctor and use anti-fungal pills if required, warns WebMD.com. Avoid hot, humid and moist environments to prevent a fungal outbreak, wash clothes in the hottest water possible and stay away from long tanning sessions.

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