How Do You Cure Underarm Odor?


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Apply witch hazel or baking soda to the underarms, and wear natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton, to eliminate underarm odor. Antibacterial soap and deodorant or antiperspirant also minimize sweat and bacteria that cause odor, according to HowStuffWorks.

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Witch hazel is a natural astringent that reduces sweat and combats unpleasant odors. Many witch hazel products also contain rubbing alcohol which helps reduce sweat. To eliminate body odor, apply witch hazel as indicated in the product instructions. Baking soda transforms sweat into a watery consistency, making it indigestible to bacteria, says HowStuffWorks. Apply baking soda to the underarms after showering.

Wear fabrics made from cotton or wool to keep moisture away, and wear breathable synthetic fabrics when working out. Shaving the underarms helps reduce bacteria and odor that get trapped in armpit hair, explains HowStuffWorks. Deodorants combat the bacteria that contribute to body odor, and antiperspirants eliminate sweat production. Both deodorants and antiperspirants are effective at fighting body odor. Experiment with both to determine which one is more appropriate.

Bathe at least once a day with antibacterial soap to reduce bacteria-causing odors, and bathe more often during hot months and periods of high activity, advises HowStuffWorks. Always dry off with a clean towel.

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