What Is a Cure for Sweaty Hands?


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According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, the three most common treatments for sweaty hands are antiperspirant, iontophoresis and Botox. In some cases, suffers use a combination of the three treatments to achieve the results needed.

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The least invasive treatment for sweaty hands is the use of antiperspirant directly on the hands. If antiperspirants are ineffective, iontophoresis, which uses a tray of water and a specially designed medical device to induce a low-current electrical charge that is applied to the skin of the hands. This procedure can only be carried out by a trained medical professional, but it offers an 83% success rate. Finally, a doctor can inject Botox directly into the palms of the hands to inhibit sweat production. This procedure needs to be repeated every six months.

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