How Do You Cure Dry Skin?


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To cure dry skin that is caused by winter weather, install a humidifier in the home and keep the temperature inside the house set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry skin that is caused by hot showers or baths is cured by bathing in lukewarm water and reducing bathing time to approximately five minutes.

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Cures for dry skin vary depending on the cause of the problem. Mild, fragrance-free soap can help, but the soap should be specifically formulated for dry skin. Scrubbing the skin too vigorously when bathing also causes dry skin, especially if an abrasive sponge is used; washing using the hands or a soft wash cloth can help prevent this. Drying off completely after bathing causes the skin to lose the moisture that it has just gained from the bath, so skin should be gently patted with a towel that is slightly damp and then moisturized. The moisturizer should contain ingredients such as ceramide for those with sensitive skin. It should also contain ingredients such as urea, lactic acid, dimethicone or petroleum jelly to seal in moisture for those who have very dry skin. For the face, a noncomedogenic face lotion that won't clog the skin's pores can be used.

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