How Do You Cure Chapped Lips?


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A person can cure chapped lips by not licking the lips, applying lip balm or ointments and using a humidifier. Drinking water also prevents dehydration of the lips.

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Licking chapped lips can worsen the problem because the saliva evaporates at a fast rate, causing more dehydration. Saliva also contains digestive acids that can irritate lip skin. Peeling or biting at excess skin prevents the lips from healing.

Lip balm protects the lips from harsh weather and heating. Using such products as ChapStick, with an SPF of 15, is another effective measure. However, ointments are better alternatives than the wax-based variety that come in stick form. Using organic and natural alternatives, such as castor oil, shea butter, sunflower seed oil or squalane, can supplant the need for using lip balm. Applying an ointment before bed prevents cracked lips in the morning. The application of ointment before sleeping is especially important because the lips dry as people sleep with their mouths open.

Using a humidifier also maintains moisture in the room. The use of a humidistat, a device which measures moisture in the air, is a good way to know when adding more moisture to the air is necessary. More humidity is required when moisture levels fall below 45.

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