What Is Cucumber Lotion?


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Cucumber lotion is a soothing and healing cream made from natural ingredients. Cucumber is hydrating due to its high water content, contains many vitamins and has many beneficial properties for skin.

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Cucumber lotion works great as a daily moisturizer or can be used to sooth sunburns and other skin irritations. It can be store bought or made right at home. Commercially prepared cucumber lotions may have more ingredients, including artificial fragrances and chemicals. It is important to check the label when buying cucumber lotion to make sure it contains cucumber extract or juice. Some lotions may simply be regular moisturizer scented to smell like cucumber and don't possess the healing properties most buyers are looking for. True cucumber lotion can be a bit costly, so making the lotion at home allows a person not only to regulate the ingredients, but also to potentially save money. Moisturizers are simple to make at home and involve few household ingredients. Simply using a cucumber suffices, although things such as witch hazel can be added for extra effects. When making the lotion, one must extract the juices from the cucumber. This can be done easily by squeezing cucumber chunks or by pureeing a peeled cucumber.

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