How Do You Crochet Natural Hair?


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When crochet braiding natural hair, first place the hair against the scalp into flat cornrows that mimic the desired style of the braids. Open the package of natural hair to be braided, and cut it to twice the appropriate length. Use a crochet latch hook with an open latch, and slide it underneath one of the cornrows. Fold the packaged hair in half, and insert it into the hook at its middle point. Close the latch hook before proceeding.

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Once the latch is closed, reverse the latch hook out from underneath the cornrow. Pull enough of the packaged hair through that it opens into a loop that fits at least two fingers. Put the ends of the hair through the loop, twist, repeat and pull snugly against the cornrow. Part the packaged hair evenly, and tie it tightly to the cornrow so the knot falls beside the original knot. Repeat the process until all of the hair is installed.

Crochet braiding is a protective hairstyle that can be used with both processed and unprocessed natural hair. Prior to crochet braiding hair, ensure that the hair is clean and deep conditioned. Use a hot oil conditioner to retain moisture, and if applicable, use a protein treatment to strengthen the hair. Cornrows should always be used as a base for hair installation, as they take stress off the hair and prevent it from breaking under the weight of crochet braids. Maintain crochet braids with diluted shampoo and conditioner, wear a scarf to bed each night and use conditioning spray to prevent frizzing.

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