How Do You Crochet Braids Using Human Hair?

To make crochet braids using human hair, begin by braiding cornrows from the forehead moving to the back. Sew the ends of the braided hair to the head to ensure they are firm and do not untangle. Use the crochet to fix the human hair on the existing cornrows.

Items required for making crochet braids of human hair include packaged human hair, a medium gauge crochet needle, small rubber hair bands to tie the braided cornrows and scissors. Crochet braided human hair is trendy and easy to manage. Like most sewn in hair, crotchet braided human hair is protective of the hair since it is braided underneath the crochet.

Prior to installing the crocheted braids, it is necessary to deep condition the hair. Managing crocheted human hair is simple because it can be washed, shampooed and treated just like natural hair. Crotchet braids save on time because they are easy to fix. This style has been used for a long time, and is an alternative to the conventional sew-in hair weaves.

Braided crotchet human hair should not be kept for long because it can damage the hair, especially the edges. If it is not properly fixed, it can look ugly and not give the desired look.