How Do You Crimp Your Hair?

To crimp hair, a person chooses a section of hair in the neck area, combs it out, and then grasps the portion closest to the head between the plates of a crimping iron. The hot iron takes approximately 5 seconds to crimp hair. The person repeats this process until she reaches the ends of that section of hair, and then works toward the scalp on additional sections of the hair. The process can take up to an hour or longer.

To help keep the crimped style looking fresh, a person can apply a light layer of hairspray before using the crimping iron. Hair should be dry completely before crimping. The individual should avoid pulling on the hair as she is crimping it, as this may straighten it back out. Hair shouldn't be brushed or combed your once it is crimped, as this makes it look frizzy. Some styles crimp the whole head of hair, and some only crimp the front section or a few strands on the side.

Hair crimping was invented in 1972 and first became popular in the 1980s. When it began appearing on fashion runways again in 2007, crimping made a comeback. Known for its striking look, crimped hair is commonly seen in fashion magazines and hairstyle shows, as of 2014.