How Do You Crimp Hair?

How Do You Crimp Hair?

Use of a crimping iron can create sawtooth-style waves in straight hair. To crimp hair, you need a crimping iron, a comb, hair clips, a piece of tissue paper, a misting bottle filled with water and hair spray. The process can take up to an hour or longer.

  1. Section the hair

    Divide your hair into sections using the comb. Clip the front and top sections of the hair out of the way.

  2. Test the crimping iron

    Make sure the crimping iron plates are clean. Plug in the crimping iron, and turn it on. Dampen the piece of tissue paper with the misting bottle, and place the tissue paper between the crimping iron's plates for a few seconds. If the paper is nicely crimped with no scorching, the crimping iron is ready to use. If the tissue paper scorches, adjust the crimping iron's heat to a lower setting.

  3. Crimp the hair.

    Start with the hair at the back of the head. Each section crimped should be narrower than the width of the crimping iron plate. Mist the hair with hair spray, comb the section straight, then let it dry. Place the hair in the crimping iron and press. Crimp all the bottom sections of hair first, working your way up to the top and front of the hair.