What Is Crepey Skin?


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Crepey skin occurs in people who are aging and can give the appearance of worn leather. It looks similar to the skin that is often seen on the elbows. Crepey skin is one of the first factors that give away age and does not always have to be accompanied by deep wrinkles.

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When skin begins to age, the production of collagen and elastin slows down; these important substances are what enables the skin to stretch and bounce back. When there is no collagen or elastin in the skin, it will not be able to bounce back and the skin will begin to stretch and sag. Stretching and sagging skin can appear in the form of deep wrinkles. Sagging skin can also appear in the form of smaller, finer wrinkles, which gives the skin a crepey, or crepe paper-like appearance. Crepey skin is more prevalent in people who have dry skin and who do not continuously keep their face moisturized.

The easiest way to prevent crepey skin is to keep the skin moisturized and avoid the sun as much as possible; this can be done before aging begins and will reduce the instances of crepey skin. Creams, laser treatments and mesotherapy will help improve the appearance of crepey skin in aging individuals.

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