What Are Some Creative Bon Jovi Tattoo Ideas?

Fans who want to copy Jon Bon Jovi's personal tattoos get a Superman logo on the left bicep, a steer skull with horns on the right bicep and an elaborate dragon curled around the left ankle. Other options for die-hards who want permanent evidence of their loyalty include black ink depictions of Bon Jovi's face and the lyrics from Bon Jovi hits.

Jon Bon Jovi's earliest publicity pictures emphasize his Superman logo tattoo, a hollow, dark-outlined, red "S" inside a gem shape on his upper left arm. The ink has faded over time but the tattoo is still prominent, as is his steer skull with two detailed feathers trailing from the horn, a balancing image inked on his upper right arm. The wrap-around dragon on Bon Jovi's ankle is less visible in photographs and fans tend to copy the Superman tattoo most frequently.

Interpretive tattoos that signify love for Jon Bon Jovi or the whole group include a vivid red heart pierced by a winged sword and encircled by a ribbon banner with the words Bon Jovi spelled out. Lyrics, such as "Born to be my baby" or "Livin' on a prayer" are tribute tattoos, sometimes inked under an artist portrait of Jon Bon Jovi's face.