How Do You Create a Vintage-Style Updo?

How Do You Create a Vintage-Style Updo?

To create victory rolls, which is one example of a vintage-style updo, prepare the hair, section and curl the front, roll each side up, pin and spray the sides, and roll the back into a French twist. Creating victory rolls takes roughly 60 minutes and requires a blow dryer, round brush, tail comb, wide-barrel curling iron, bristle brush, bobby pins and hairspray.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Wash the hair, but use only light conditioner to detangle it. Apply styling product, and dry the hair thoroughly with a round brush to create big waves.

  2. Section the hair

    Part the hair in the desired spot, either in the center or on one side. Use the tail comb to segment a section from the crown to the top of one ear. Clip this section, and do the same on the other side. Either clip or tie the back of the hair.

  3. Curl the ends

    Use the curling iron to make big curls in the front sections of hair. This makes rolling up the sides easier.

  4. Tease the sections

    Use the tail comb to tease the front section of the hair. Work with 2-inch sections at a time, and only tease from halfway up the hair shaft to the scalp. Do not tease the ends.

  5. Roll each side

    Grasp one side of the hair. Use the bristle brush to smooth the underside. Roll the side up using a hand-over-hand motion, similar to pulling taffy. Smooth out the front of the roll with your fingers, and secure it near the scalp with bobby pins. Repeat on the other side.

  6. Finish the style

    Spray hairspray over the victory rolls, and smooth stray hairs with the bristle brush. Unclip the back of the hair. This can either be curled or pulled up into a French twist. For a French twist, pull the hair into a ponytail. Hook the hair with your index finger, and twist as you pull it up. Tuck the hair ends inside the seam, and secure with bobby pins.