How Do You Create Tattoo Name Designs?


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Since a name tattoo is usually mostly comprised of text, the main elements that can be customized are the color and font of the text. Choose a font that has significance, or design a new font for the tattoo.

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Name tattoos are often used as memorials, tributes or physical commitments to loved ones. Designing a name tattoo is a great way to make it a unique and personal gesture. Think about how public or private the tattoo should be, and use that decision to help determine where on the body the tattoo should go.

When choosing a font, consider the motivation for getting the tattoo. If it is a tribute or memorial to a loved one, choose a font reminiscent of the person being commemorated.

The color of the tattoo helps to determine how visible it is; keep in mind that brightly colored tattoos may need to be touched up in the future. If the tattoo will contain any pictorial elements, consider which images best complement the name, font and color that have already been chosen. If the design chosen is complex, find a highly talented and detail-oriented tattoo artist who can translate the vision for the tattoo into reality.

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