How Do You Create a Swing Bob Hairstyle?

While "swing bob" is not an official term for a haircut, it is a version of a graduated bob with a lot of hair left to swing in the front. Creating this style involves having the correct haircut and using a blow dryer and round brush to style it.

A swing bob is shorter in the back than in the front. The line of the bob comes down at a sharp angle from the back so that the front is extra long. The back includes layers cut at a 90-degree angle instead of the 45-degree angle of a graduated bob. The sides also feature layers cut at a 90-degree angle, whereas a graduated bob has no layering in the front.

To style a swing bob, apply a volumizing product to the roots. Add a heat protector to the mid-shaft and to the ends. Finger dry the hair most of the way with a blow dryer.

A swing bob is for straight hair. Therefore, use a large round brush to straighten the hair while blow drying. Roll the brush through the strands while aiming the nozzle of the blow dryer down the shaft. Do this until the hair is completely dry. If necessary, use a flat iron to further smooth the hair.