How Do I Create Silky Dreads?

When creating silky dreads, divide hair extensions into sections, backcomb and then twist to form dreadlocks. To finish, use a clothes iron and a wet cloth to seal the dreads so they will maintain their shape. For a full set of silky dreads, you need enough hair extensions to make 40 to 60 double ended dreads, a comb, a coat hanger, a clothes iron and a clean piece of cloth.

  1. Take a section of hair

    Make sections in the hair extensions. Choose a section of hair to start working on.

  2. Use the coat hanger

    Hang the coat hanger on a sturdy place. Attach one side of the hair section to the coat hanger. This will hold the hair section in place while you work on it.

  3. Backcomb hair

    Backcomb the section of hair you chose. To backcomb hair, run the comb from the tip of the hair towards the roots. Continue to backcomb the section until the section becomes thick. As you backcomb the hair section, knots and lumps may form in it. Smooth out any uneven areas, lumps and knots with the comb.

  4. Twist the section of hair

    Twist the section of hair into a dread to check if it looks even. If it looks thick and even, you can stop backcombing it.

  5. Use the wet cloth

    With the dread you are working on still attached to the coat hanger, twist the hair section tightly into a dread. Smooth out any uneven areas using your fingers. Cover the dread with the wet cloth.

  6. Seal the dread

    Place the hot clothes iron on the wet cloth covering the dread. Move the iron in the opposite direction from the way the hair section has been twisted. Turn the dread over and repeat the same process on the other side.

  7. Snip the ends

    Finish by snipping off the ends of the dread to even it out.