How Do You Create Short Braided Hairstyles?

How Do You Create Short Braided Hairstyles?

To create a braided crown with short hair, part the hair on the side, curl the hair, add product, roll the bottom of the hair in the back of the head, braid two sections in the front of the head and tuck the ends into the roll. Braiding short hair takes roughly 30 minutes and requires a curling iron, hair product and bobby pins.

  1. Prepare the hair

    Starting with clean, dry hair, and create a side part. Apply a finishing cream or mousse to the hair, working the product through to the ends.

  2. Curl the hair

    Curling straight hair before braiding gives it the needed texture. Use a 1-inch curling iron to curl all of the hair.

  3. Roll the hair

    Section off the hair from the ear forward all the way across the top and sides of the head. Starting on one side, grab a section of hair, and roll it. Work across the back of the head, tucking and rolling, until the center is reached. Use bobby pins to secure the rolled section. Repeat the procedure on the other side.

  4. Create the braids

    Separate the loose section of hair into two halves; the third segment is provided by the side below the part. Working with the back section, create an inverted French braid, working down the side and toward the back of the head. Tuck the end of the hair into the roll, and pin in place. Repeat this procedure for the front section of hair.

  5. Roll back the side

    Twist the loose side back in the same manner used to twist the back of the hair. Tuck the loose end into the roll, and pin into place.