How Do You Create Rag Curls?

How Do You Create Rag Curls?

Use scraps of cloth to rag curl your hair without a curling iron or other heat source. Although sturdy fabrics such as denim are easier to roll, lightweight fabrics are easier to secure after your hair is wrapped.

  1. Gather your materials

    You need strips of cloth, water and a comb.

  2. Prepare your hair

    Dip your fingers in the water, and use them to dampen the ends of your hair. This makes the hair easier to control and allows for a cleaner curl.

  3. Section your hair

    Separate a section of your hair. Choosing smaller sections results in a smaller and tighter curl.

  4. Roll your hair

    Place a strip of fabric horizontally at the bottom of your hair. Roll the ends of the hair around the fabric, and then roll the fabric toward your scalp. Roll your hair under or over the fabric according to the direction you want your curls to go.

  5. Secure the roll

    Tie the ends of the cloth to secure the curl.

  6. Set the curls

    Allow the curls to set for several hours. A popular method is to set the curls overnight while you sleep. If you do this, tie a scarf over your rolled hair to protect the curls.

  7. Untie the cloth

    Once your curls have set, untie the strips of cloth, and unwind them from your hair. Then, style your new curls.