How Do You Create Panda Face Paint?

How Do You Create Panda Face Paint?

The panda's distinctive black-and-white coloring is the centerpiece of panda face paint. For this project, you need black and white face paint, black eyeliner and makeup sponges.

  1. Create the base

    Use the makeup sponge and the white face paint to create an oval over most of the face. Apply the white paint close to the eyes, but don't cover them since they will later be filled in with black.

  2. Paint the eyes

    Use the black eyeliner to outline the shape of the eyes. Dip a makeup sponge in black face paint, and fill in a circle around the eyes. To make it look more realistic, scallop the circles so they resemble fur.

  3. Paint the ears

    Outline two ears, one just above each temple. Fill in the ears with black face paint. Use the eyeliner to create a jagged fur line between the two ears near the top of the forehead. Extend this fur line around the entire perimeter of the white paint.

  4. Create the nose

    Use the eyeliner to draw an oval over the lower part of the nose, drawing a line to connect it to the lips. Fill the oval with black paint.

  5. Color in the lips

    Outline the lips in black, drawing the line out past the corners toward the nose. Use black face paint or black lipstick to fill in the lips.