How Do You Create Your Own Nail Art Designs?


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Jessica Probus of Buzzfeed has a list of simple nail art ideas that use household tools such as bobby pins, plastic bags, sponges, sharpies and straws. You can also create geometric designs by attaching differently shaped pieces of tape to your nails and painting over them.

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How Do You Create Your Own Nail Art Designs?
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Create a two-tone fishnet design by taking a loofah, stretching a part of the material over a nail that already has a base coat and painting a new color over the netting. Alternatively, create a matte polish by mixing highly pigmented eye shadow into a clear top coat. If you prefer polka dots, paint a base color onto your nails, take a bobby pin, dip one of the pin's rubber tips into a second color, and carefully dot it over the base color. Vary the size of the dots. You can also use the same technique to create a French manicure by placing the dots at the edge of the nail.

You can create both simple and complex geometric designs just by placing one or more pieces of tape onto your nails in a design of your choosing. Additionally, you can create a marbled look by lightly dipping a section of plastic bag in a contrasting color to your base coat, and pressing the bag over the nail. You can also make creative nail art by using a textured or glittery top coat. Search your bathroom, vanity or office desk for other nail design ideas.

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