How Do You Create Your Own Dreamcatcher Tattoo?

How Do You Create Your Own Dreamcatcher Tattoo?

A dreamcatcher tattoo generally symbolizes that bad dreams are being removed while good dreams remain. It's a ward for good luck. To design a dreamcatcher tattoo, you need access to dreamcatcher images, paper and pencils.

  1. Research dreamcatchers

    Real dreamcatchers come in many designs. The central design is a hoop with webbing strung inside and typically decorated with beads. A dreamcatcher usualy has feathers and more beads hanging from the bottom.

  2. Choose personal symbols

    Since the dreamcatcher tattoo is meant to "catch" good dreams, ponder images that have personal meaning. Some tattoos have featured flowers, horseshoes, birds or skulls.

  3. Select a location

    The placement on the body dictates how large and elaborate the tattoo can get. Dreamcatcher tattoos are often placed on the base of the neck, the back and the ribs.

  4. Sketch the design

    Use pictures of real dreamcatchers and dreamcatcher tattoos as inspiration. Sketch the circle and web. Add the personal symbols where the feathers hang from the bottom or in the center of the web.

  5. Select colors for the tattoo

    Some dreamcatcher tattoos are done in black line, but most feature at least a little color. Select areas of the image to highlight with color, especially the feathers and personal symbols.

  6. Talk to a tattoo artist

    A tattoo artist can translate a design from flat paper to the curves of the body. Tattoo artists are also trained in sketching images, so they can help add design elements.