How Do You Create a Lazy Girl Updo Hairstyle?

How Do You Create a Lazy Girl Updo Hairstyle?

A lazy girl updo is fundamentally an incomplete ponytail that combines the volume of a bun with the easy movement of a ponytail. This simple style, which started showing up on fashion runways in 2012, is an easy way to create a sexy and casual look. It is achieved by pulling the hair only partially through the ponytail band in the final stage of creating a ponytail, leaving a bun-like loop protruding./

  1. Prep the hair

    Spray a bit of dry shampoo or light hair spray on the hair to give it extra holding ability. For greater volume, mist the hair with a sea salt spray, and use a curling iron on the ends.

  2. Make a ponytail

    Use a small, clear elastic band to pull your hair into a ponytail at the crown of your head. Pull the ponytail all the way through with each loop of the elastic except the final one. On the final loop, pull the hair halfway through the ponytail to form a faux bun, leaving the ends of the hair inside the elastic.

  3. Finish the look

    Pull the edges of the faux bun gently to the sides to create more volume. Hide the elastic by freeing a bit of hair and wrapping it around and back through the band. Pull a few strands of hair out of the ponytail to frame the face and bring a sense of relaxed messiness to the front of the hair.