How Do You Create Different Makeup Looks Using Drugstore Brands?


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Any makeup look can be recreated using another brand. The most important thing is to know when to splurge or save on certain makeup products such as cleansers and foundations. One can recreate their favorite looks by buying cheaper products that look the same, according to Julyne Derrick of About.com Beauty.

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The first trick to recreating one's favorite look is to research the brands used in the look and find duplicates in drugstore brands, Derrick suggests. Eye shadows, lipsticks, foundations, blushes and more all come in a range wide range of colors, but nearly every cosmetic brand carries that same range in different qualities. Most expensive lipsticks have a cheaper counterpart that is nearly identical. Women should buy the brand they feel suits them and their budget best, and then recreate their favorite looks by using similar colors and shades within their favorite drugstore brand.

Using drugstore brands may be cheaper and save women a lot of money in the long run, but it's also a good idea to spend more money on high-quality products that can last longer, Derrick advises. Things like cleansers and moisturizers can be a lower-end brand without sacrificing the quality of a woman's skin, but foundations, eye makeup and powders should be higher-end brands.

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