How Do You Create a Crochet Braid Hairstyle?


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Create a crochet braid hairstyle by attaching extension hair onto hair that has been braided to the scalp with a latch hook tool. Despite the name of the hairstyle, no crochet hook or crocheting is involved.

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A cornrowed base is the most common foundation for attaching extensions. Cornrows can be braided in straight rows from the front hairline to the nape of the neck. Braiders can also be more creative in styling diagonal or circular cornrows. Cornrows should lie as flat as possible for the best finished look. Once all of the hair is braided, attach extension hair with a specialized latch hook tool.

Fold small sections of extension hair in half, and place the latch hook over the folded middle. Close the latch around the fold. Slip the hook beneath a braid, open the latch, and remove the tool. Open the loop of hair that was inside the latch, and feed the ends of the extensions through the loop. Twist the loop, and feed the ends through it again. Pull firmly on the extension hair to secure it. Repeat the process down the length of each braid until the head is complete. Cut extensions if desired for a shorter length.

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