How Do You Create an Aviator Hat?


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To make an aviator hat, copy and paste the pattern from ProjectRunPlay.com by searching the term "aviator" in the blog search bar on the right and selecting the first result on the page. Open the pattern with editing software, and resize it to fit your needs.

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To measure the size of the head, measure from the top of the forehead to the back of the head using the hairline. This measurement is used for the center piece. After measuring all pieces, resize the pattern to fit the exact measurements. If the pattern is too big to fit on one page, tape the pages together. Cut the pattern pieces out, making sure to trace the pattern of the second panel piece on the opposite side of the fabric.

Match up the center piece with the side panels, making sure the right sides are together. Start sewing at the top of the center panel going downward, then trim the seams to about 1/8 inch. Sew in the fur material throughout the ear cuffs, either stopping where the side panels meet the head or fully covering the entire head piece.

Cut leather circles for the ear parts of the side panels, and add fake fur circles or cotton material for the ear stuffing. Sew the circles onto the side panel, leaving a 2-inch gap to stuff it with the fur lining or cotton material. Stuff the ear part, and sew the ear gap shut. To add a buckle, cut up an old belt, or buy hardware from your local craft supply store.

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