How Do You Create African Dreadlocks?


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Creating African dreadlocks involves preparing the hair, dividing it into segments and creating the locks. It's necessary to add product and to backcomb the hair to get the locks to set.

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To create African dreadlocks, start with freshly washed hair that's completely dry. Divide the hair into large sections that you then divide into the sections for locks. There's no predetermined size for dreadlocks, but the size of the section base does determine the size of the lock. Ensure the base of each section is perfectly square before creating locks.

Apply product to the strand. Recommended products include wax, hair cream, hairspray or aloe vera. Use a comb with fine teeth to backcomb the entire length of the strand. Twist the section tightly in a clockwise direction, and secure it with a clip or small hair band. Repeat this process for each strand in each section. This provides the base for the dreadlocks.

Dreadlocks take from two months to one year to go from the budding to the locking stage. During that time, wash your hair as little as possible while still maintaining scalp health. Likewise, help the hair lock by palm rolling every few days. Cradle each lock between flattened palms, and roll each lock in a clockwise direction. Re-apply hair product at the same time, and use the blow dryer to set the locks.

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