What Are Some Crazy Hair Style Ideas?


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Some crazy hair style ideas are a streaked beehive, a French twist burst and a Mohawk. Other crazy hair style ideas include a geisha pomp and waterfall curls.

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To achieve a streaked beehive hairstyle, first apply a texturizing spray to dry, color-treated hair. Separate the bangs, if any, as well as a longer piece of hair to part diagonally along the edge of the face, then sweep this hair over to one side, brushing lightly. Divide the rest of the hair horizontally across the back of the head, ranging from ear to ear, and comb the remaining hair down at the base of the skull. Lightly backcomb all the hair on the crown area of the head into a large beehive, gather and twist the sides, and secure with bobby pins in the back. This look works best for those with medium to thick hair and requires a hard hold hairspray to set it.

A Mohawk is a hairstyle in which both sides of the head are shaved except for a long strip of hair on the very top of the head. This remaining hair is often styled to stick straight up, which can be achieved by such methods as backcombing, blow-drying, twisting and using various sprays and holding agents. The Mohawk hairstyle has Native American origins and is often worn as a symbol of nonconformity, as it is considered by many to be an outrageous hairstyle.

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