How Do You Cover up Tan Lines?

To cover up and reduce tan lines, try using exfoliating products, bronzer and aerosol foundation. Following these steps helps to hide tan lines and fade them faster.

Before taking steps to hide tan lines, take steps to get rid of them. Use a gentle exfoliator to remove skin cells and buff away tan lines. Do not use a harsh exfoliating scrub, however, as this can irritate skin that has been exposed to the sun. Instead, try exfoliating the body with a cleanser with microbeads.

Exfoliation can help diminish the appearance of tan lines, but if a quick fix is a must, turn to makeup. Bronzer or blush can help create the illusion of even skin. For people who tan, use a medium or dark bronzer. People who tend to get pink in the sun should use a matte blush. Use a cotton ball or makeup applicator to spread the bronzer or blush over the tan line area. Make sure to cover the tan line and the surrounding skin with the makeup. When using a cream bronzer or blush, make sure to set them with powder. Cream makeup can smudge and stain clothing when not set.

Another great way to hide tan lines is with aerosol foundation. Choose a color that is just a bit darker than your skin tone, and spray the foundation so that it covers the entire chest.