How Do You Cover up Scars?

To cover up scars, exfoliate the scarred area, and massage a moisturizer onto the scar. Apply camouflage makeup to the scar, and set the makeup with a setting spray, or use a powder brush to apply translucent powder over the makeup.

  1. Exfoliate the scarred area and moisturize

    Scars may be especially rough and dry, so exfoliate the scarred skin to remove dead skin cells and smooth the surface of the skin. Apply a moisturizer to the scar to create a moist surface that absorbs makeup and holds it better.

  2. Apply camouflage makeup

    Choose camouflage makeup that is as close to your skin tone as possible. If you cannot find makeup that closely matches your skin tone, choose a camouflage kit that includes several shades so you can mix them to create the right pigment. Use your fingers or a makeup sponge to blend the makeup over the scar and into the surrounding skin.

  3. Set the makeup

    Once you've achieved the desired coverage with the camouflage makeup, use a setting spray to prevent the makeup from slipping throughout the day. If you don't have a setting spray, use a powder brush to apply translucent powder to hold the makeup in place.