How Do You Cover up a Pimple?

How Do You Cover up a Pimple?

To cover up a pimple, wash and exfoliate the skin, apply a spot treatment and a mattifying serum, pat on foundation, apply concealer, and dust the skin with powder. This five-minute process requires a mirror, a cleanser, a washcloth, a spot treatment, mattifying serum, foundation, concealer, powder and cosmetic brushes.

  1. Wash and exfoliate

    Wash the skin with a gentle cleanser, and exfoliate it by rubbing it with a wet washcloth.

  2. Apply a spot treatment

    Apply a spot treatment to the pimple. Do not get it on the surrounding skin.

  3. Apply serum and foundation

    Pat a mattifying serum on and around the pimple. Give it 30 seconds to dry, and then apply foundation over the affected area. Pat the foundation into the skin with your fingers.

  4. Apply concealer

    Pick up a tiny amount of concealer with a small, flat cosmetic brush. Stipple the brush over the pimple until it matches the color of the surrounding skin, and then blend the edges until there is no visible border between the concealer and the foundation. Give the concealer 30 seconds to dry, and then apply a second coat.

  5. Set the concealer with powder

    Let the second coat of concealer dry for 30 seconds. Dip a clean, fluffy cosmetic brush into translucent powder, and dust it over the pimple and surrounding skin.