How Do You to Cover Stretch Marks With Makeup?


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The best way to camouflage stretch marks is by cleansing the skin, applying body makeup and setting the makeup with powder. You will need a skin exfoliant, body makeup, a bristle makeup brush, makeup sponge and translucent finishing powder to camouflage stretch marks.

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How Do You to Cover Stretch Marks With Makeup?
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  1. Cleanse the skin

    Wash the skin with a gentle exfoliant. Gently cleanse the skin and pat it dry before applying makeup.

  2. Apply the body makeup

    Squeeze a small amount of body makeup on the bristle makeup brush. Apply the makeup to the area that needs to be covered. Blend the makeup into the skin with a makeup sponge. Apply more makeup if the first application does not fully cover the stretch marks.

  3. Set the makeup

    Dab a small amount of translucent finishing powder over the makeup. Finishing powder helps set the makeup and also helps prevent it from rubbing off.

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