How Do You Cover a Finger Tattoo With Makeup?

To cover up a finger tattoo with makeup, you need hand soap, warm water, a clean hand towel, translucent setting powder, a fluffy powder brush, two stiff concealer brushes, cosmetic setting spray, a disposable cosmetic sponge, a creamy concealer that matches the skin around your tattoo and a concealer that is one or two shades lighter. It takes about 10 minutes to cover a single tattoo.

  1. Clean your hands

    Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Dry them thoroughly.

  2. Apply the lighter concealer

    Dip a clean concealer brush into the lighter concealer and paint it over the tattoo. Dust the area with translucent setting powder.

  3. Apply the darker makeup

    Use your second concealer brush to apply the darker shade. Cover your tattoo with concealer, then run the brush over a small portion of the surrounding skin. Blend the edges with a disposable cosmetic sponge, then dust the area with setting powder.

  4. Examine your skin in natural light

    Examine your work in natural light. If you feel satisfied with it, seal the concealer with a final dusting of powder. If you need more coverage, smooth on a second layer of both concealers before you apply the powder.

  5. Spritz the area with setting spray

    Spritz your camouflaged tattoo with cosmetic setting spray, and let it dry for 20 seconds.